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Sustainability Transformation: the world depends on it

The target year for achieving the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is 2030.
At Fujitsu, the future we envision aligns with the SDGs—a sustainable society where no one is left behind.
It’s a world where people, regions, organizations and things are connected and where innovation thrives.

However, in the face of climate change, cybercrime, poverty, and human rights issues, the challenges facing the world have become increasingly complex—no single organization or industry can confront them all.
Building an ecosystem that promotes greater collaboration between governments, companies and individuals is now more urgent than ever.

Fujitsu Uvance is a solution designed to help customers grow their businesses and solve societal issues.
By combining our many years of experience in advanced technologies with our expertise in diverse industries, we’re using data to connect disparate processes across sectors.
Activating cross-industry collaboration will drive previously unimaginable approaches and insights.

Through this connective approach of intersectional solutions and services, we’re working with you to accelerate Sustainability Transformation.

A woman running in a park that symbolizes sustainability, surrounded by office buildings that symbolize business

Fujitsu Technology and Service Vision 2024

We’ve arrived at a tipping point, where AI evolution and the sustainability challenge intersect. It’s a tipping point that provides a unique opportunity for us to build a different future.
In FT&SV 2024, we describe the new enterprise model required, how technology can enable transformation and the concrete actions we need to take together now.

Customer stories

Mini Woolies

Woolworths and Fujitsu have supported the educational experiences of over 5000 young people with disabilities. The Mini Woolies program has now reached the milestone of over 50 sites, providing hands-on learning experiences to school and post school environments.
Three men and women shopping

Australian Mining Company

Morning performance management meetings at this leading mining operator are vital for tracking progress against targets and planning operations. Fujitsu Data & AI helped the company to optimise and digitise the data platform and process to deliver significant improvements.
Man inspecting container

Royal Canin North America

Fujitsu’s GLOVIA OM support to Royal Canin is going to be instrumental in helping them make more data-based decisions, and provides better service through improved customer care.
A woman who uses a laptop in a warehouse

Latest insight

2024 Fujitsu SX Survey: Charting a course for change

Explore the 2024 Fujitsu SX Survey, which compiles results from a survey of 600 executives  across 15 countries. The report reveals that the key to balancing Sustainable Transformation (SX) with business growth lies in “data-driven collaboration” beyond organizational boundaries. Discover insights for accelerating your SX initiatives.
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Fujitsu Uvance: Where technology meets sustainability

Fujitsu’s Yoshinami Takahashi explains how tech is helping customers to achieve sustainable growth.
Yoshinami Takahashi

Harvesting the future: the innovation linking a global agricultural supply chain

Discover the tools and expertise behind Bayer's efforts to prevent a global food crisis.
Tractor working on a farm

Solving societal issues

We’re committed to accelerating your business through Fujitsu Uvance and generating cross-industry solutions to address global societal challenges. Our goal is to achieve a sustainable world by focusing on the following areas.

Solving global environmental issues

Creating a future where people and nature can thrive.

Developing a digital society

Harnessing digital technology for a more resilient society.
 a young woman admiring the view from the Golden Mount Temple of Wat Saket towards the modern Bangkok skyline

Improving people's well-being

Enhancing quality of life and opportunities across society.

Seven key focus areas
achieving a sustainable world

To accelerate Sustainability Transformation with our customers, we combine the power of industry and technology innovation from across seven key focus areas. These seven areas make up Fujitsu Uvance to address cross-industry challenges:

Five key technologies

Technology is at the heart of sustainable transformation. Fujitsu Uvance’s sustainable transformation solutions are rooted in a discerning choice of five advanced technologies. Each is capable of delivering differentiated business results today – and into the future. By focusing on these technologies, we ensure consistency across the portfolio and provide the breadth necessary to succeed with diverse business challenges across industry verticals.

Learn more about our key technologies
  • Computing
  • Network
  • AI
  • Data & Security
  • Converging Technologies

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Fujitsu Technology and Service Vision

Fujitsu Technology and Service Vision 2024 proposes a shift towards a “regenerative enterprise”. It also provides guidance on balancing sustainability and business in an increasingly uncertain economic environment, and the role of evolving technologies in achieving these goals.
A woman running in a park that symbolizes sustainability, surrounded by office buildings that symbolize business