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Our world faces enormous challenges in addressing business and societal issues. But we see opportunities in tackling these with Sustainability Transformation (SX). Our latest research confirms that contributing to the greater good and boosting profit need not be opposing forces, but, rather, can work in harmony.

Together with our customers we are focusing on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) opportunities some of which include; water scarcity, climate change, energy and food waste, global supply chains, health and wellbeing of employees, and risk and fraud. 

The pressing issues of our time must be solved with Data and AI at the heart. Organizations who are most successful are joining forces across ecosystems to drive Digital Shifts, reshaping our future for the better. 

How exactly are we helping?

Solving business and societal challenges through advanced solutions

Data-Driven Management

Businesses on a global scale are digitally shifting to empower people through data driven decision-making. Impacted by disruptive competition, drastic work-life changes, and new requirements for sustainability and traceability, many are looking to integrate and unlock data as an enabler to thrive in uncertain times.

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Intelligence and data insights are paving the future

We co-create a data driven digital strategy to drive business transformation forward.

Better insights, more sustainable growth. Learn more:

Unleash data, ignite change

Your guide to empowering Sustainability Transformation (SX) with Digital Shifts.
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See beyond visual data

In this white paper, analyst agency PAC and Fujitsu experts explore the role data and technology have in enhancing the in-store customer experience.
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Blockchain provides confidence in ESG reporting to accelerate SX

This article shares how ESG can be a strategic imperative to power a sustainable future that delivers business impact.
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A trusted source of water

Fujitsu Track and Trust blockchain solution supported Botanical Water with real-time monitoring and certified provenance.
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Predicting the future: will AI take demand forecasting to the next level?

This article shares what exciting possibilities lie ahead with the right guidance on demand forecasting.
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Digitalizing safety at the Nurburgring

100 cameras enable artificial intelligence to automatically detect issues in real time and drivers can be promptly warned of potential dangers via LED displays on the track.
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Work Life Shift

The way we work has changed forever, and organizations need now more than ever engaged, talented and resilient workforces to succeed. With every increasing technological innovation, people re-assessing how they want to live and work in a post pandemic world, sustainability is now a critical concern for all as organizations rethink their approach to their workforces.

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Work your way

Work Life Shift takes a human first approach to implementing technology, by considering the whole life needs of people.

Creating a highly talented, engaged and sustainable workforce. Find out more:

Embracing the future of hybrid working

As we redesign work and shift to a hybrid model, each organization needs to build their own story. HSM and Fujitsu provide a basis of understanding and direction for the transformation journey on this report.
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Closing skills gap with a continuous learning culture

While digital operations continue to gain popularity, the digital skills level of the general workforce fail to grow at the same speed. This article explores how the key to success lies in cultivating a culture of continuous learning.
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Pivot to purpose: the rise of the values-led business

Businesses will have to show employees and investors that they are taking CSR seriously. And that means making it part of the core business strategy.
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