Developing a digital society

We are in an era of unprecedented change. Economic and technological developments are creating both new business opportunities and challenges in equal measure. Fujitsu is committed to strengthening information security, establishing a sustainable supply chain and improving work environments so that all people can enjoy a better future. 
Developing a truly digital society requires the active adoption of innovative technologies and rapid response to change. Making digital tools safe and accessible to all people and organizations is key to creating a more convenient and secure society. 
Fujitsu Uvance helps customers grown their businesses while simultaneously addressing societal issues. We are making strides in creating an environment in which people can work safely, while advancing towards a better digital society that mitigates serious risks in the event of an emergency.


Business strategies for a connected world : Prospering in the digital society

Explore the vision for a digital society prioritizing people, sustainability, and resilience. Check our expert report by Fujitsu SVP Shunichi Ko on business strategies for a prosperous future.

Sustainable economic and societal value

With consumers more socially-concious and sustainability-minded than ever, organizations need to make major changes in how they produce and deliver products and services.
Forrester research shows that improving the sustainability of these is key to business value. In turn, the business value your products and services generate can be key for enhancing the state of our global economy and addressing key societal issues. Our Fujitsu Uvance capabilities support and deliver on this mutual relationship.
Overhead view of a white car parked next to a field of solar panels

Featured offerings

Connected Front-line Worker

Eliminate labor shortage of essential workers by automating reception, predicting danger from CCTV, cooperating with control centers, and automatically dispatching emergency vehicles
Two police men

Supply Chain Risk Management

Collect and provide information necessary for building resilient supply chains, realizing efficiency and sophistication in SCM operations.
Highway across the ocean

Unified Logistics

Connecting information on the movement of goods by land, sea, and air to increase efficiency, flexibility, and make business sustainable
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Customer stories

Aichi Cancer Center

AI quickly narrows down promising therapeutic drug candidates and propose new cancer treatment methods
A scientific research laboratory with benches, analysis equipment and rows of bottles

Bayer Crop Science

The quantum inspired Digital Annealer has the potential to transform how Bayer plans its campaigns, enabling a more complete model of Bayer production processes with all the variables to solve problems in seconds
Tractor harvesting grain

EnBW Ostwürttemberg DonauRies AG

DB:RA consulting framework formulated business objectives in a series of workshops as the perfect preparation for the energy market of the future
a silver car marked E-mobilitat Elektrisch Unterwegs, driving past a field of wind turbines

Seven key focus areas
achieving a sustainable world

To accelerate Sustainability Transformation with our customers, ​we combine the power of industry and technology innovation from ​across seven key focus areas. These seven areas make up Fujitsu Uvance to address cross-industry challenges: