Consumer Experience

Unique consumer experiences for all

We strive to enrich the lives of people by advancing new ways of consuming that are better for business and the planet.

Enabling our clients and end customers to benefit from change using a combination of composable technologies and services, delivering great experiences and sustainable business outcomes.

Delivering great experiences and sustainable business outcomes

How will consumption evolve over the next decade?

Millennials and Generation Z are expected to account for 70% of the working age population by 2030, becoming the majority of the world’s consumers.

These consumers are highly aware of the need to protect the environment, support ethical business practices and choose experiences that reflect their personal needs and values as well as brand, price and convenience.

To survive and prosper in this new world, organizations need to re-model their consumer experience and re-engineer their enterprise processes and systems, delivering both business growth and sustainability outcomes.

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What the consumer experience evolution means for your business

Consumers are now expecting to be served in whichever way is most convenient for them. From ensuring seamless touchpoints to promoting more ethical and sustainable buying decisions, it’s the truly intelligent enterprises that will gain the trust and loyalty of the modern consumer.

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NRF 2024 Retail’s Big Show

Join Fujitsu on booth #5203 at Retail’s Big Show to see how we enable retailers to drive growth, experience and sustainability. We are showcasing an exciting line-up of transformational solutions that cover all aspects of retail operations, including omni-channel transformation, personalized shopping, frictionless checkout and sustainable retail.

Featured offering

Omni-Channel Services

Building the commerce foundations to support an end-to-end shopper journey, across mobile, store and fulfilment – seamless, personalized and sustainable
Family Shopping Online

Personalized Marketing Services

Achieving sustainable growth and consumption by stimulating demand through personalized shopping
Woman shopping for home groceries on mobile app device

Advanced Store Operation Services

Optimizing store processes with new insights provided by AI and IoT technologies in order to enhance the customer journey, reduce store operating costs and be kind to the planet
Shopping Mall

Enterprise Integration Platform for Retail

Enhances real-time decisions and realize KPIs to achieve sustainable corporate management. Consumer Experience
A young woman smiling while paying with a credit card at a supermarket.

Sustainable Experience

A man with a bicycle and a woman with a brown bag walking down the stairs surrounded by green trees and modern buildings

Consume your way - enabling informed and convenient experiences to help organizations capture future growth while minimizing environmental and social impact.

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Sustainable Supply Chain

Overhead view of a cargo boat in the sea with an airplane shadow

Empowering supply chains - optimizing efficiency and resilience and building trust and transparency across supply chains to realize sustainable business outcomes.

Intelligent Enterprise

A person adjusting the room temperature by monitor

Reinventing enterprises - enabling data-driven decision-making and automation to drive efficiency and streamline business operations.

Sustainable Consumption

A man analyzing his business on a tablet

Reinventing consumption - reinventing production and consumption business models for the benefit of society and the planet.

A happy supermarket employee with aisles full of groceries behind him

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