Advanced Store Operation Services

Enhancing the customer journey, reducing store operating costs, and being kind to the planet and your people

Optimizing store processes with new insights provided by AI and IoT technologies in order to enhance the customer journey, reduce store operating costs and be kind to the planet

The role of the store is changing. Shopping in a physical environment is no longer just a standalone activity, it is often part of a sequence of steps towards fulfilling a customer need – mobile browsing at home, online order, click ‘n’ collect in store, last mile delivery to your home for additional purchases, in store returns. The store needs to connect with this wider end to end journey.

At the same time, the rising cost of living, store labor shortages and a big step up in shopper and investor demand for ethical supply chains and environmental-friendly operations mean retailers are under significant pressure to rethink and remodel the way their stores operate.

Fujitsu's "Advanced Store Operation Services" helps retailers optimize business processes and meet their ESG social responsibilities by digitalizing store processes for faster, automated decision-making. A mix of AI and IoT based solutions and services for automated ID checks for age restricted products, optimized merchandising and inventory management, reductions in fraud and shrink and automated control of energy and waste in the store together help to enhance the shopper journey, improve efficiency and limit environmental harm.

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IoT Operations Cockpit

Visualizing real-time information from in-store IoT sensors in order to prioritise and automate reductions in energy consumption, food waste, CO2 emissions and increases in people well being and customer and investor ethical approval.
Silicon Wafer of Camera CMOS Image Sensors
Capture Machine Vision Solutions

Using camera-based analytics and toolsets to monitor Drive Thru and Curbside Pick Up customer behaviours to optimise labour availability, meal preparation, customer relationship management and overall order volume and growth.
A man who receives goods at a drive-thru