Omni-Channel Services

Delivering a connected and sustainable customer experience, both online and offline

Building the commerce foundations to support an end-to-end shopper journey, across mobile, store and fulfilment – seamless, personalized and sustainable

Shopping has become a sequence of steps towards fulfilling a customer need – mobile browsing at home, online order, click ‘n’ collect in store, last mile delivery to your home for additional purchases, in store returns. Having the right business and technology foundations in place to enable these new more personalized shopping journeys, across customer touchpoints, multiple data sets and business processes is not easy. What is critical is being able to have one ‘composable’ technology platform which orchestrates a set of internet-based microservices to enable browsing, selection, purchasing and order fulfilment using APIs and consistent datasets, independent of customer or colleague touchpoint (till, smartphone, in store device). This way you provide connected shopper journeys and avoid complex ‘hard’ coding, inconsistent data and high cost to innovate or change.

Fujitsu's Omni Channel Services in partnership with GK Software are an API-based composable commerce foundation delivering a seamless shopping experience, encompassing end to end purchasing and order fulfilment, personalization and loyalty and dynamic optimized pricing.

FUJITSU is a CERTIFIED GK Software Partner.

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Serving all customer segments, GK Software’s CLOUD4RETAIL is a one stop platform to deliver end to end connected journeys across fixed till, mobile, self-checkout, fuel and hospitality. Built on an API-first architecture, it integrates with eCommerce and other core applications to orchestrate shopping services or mini-processes across the enterprise, providing the shopper and colleague with innovative and fulfilling use cases which drive growth and reduce environmental harm.
Grocery Store Clerk Assisting Senior Couple
Cashier-Free Store

It does what it says – a customer enters a store, selects items, and leaves without standing in line to checkout. Built around ceiling cameras and shelf sensors, this solution supports inventory productivity, promotional effectiveness and fraud prevention. Basket growth, customer satisfaction, operational efficiency and sustainable outcomes.
Interior of a large grocery store