Personalized Marketing Services

Grow your business and reduce waste loss by making the shopper journey hyper-personalized

Achieving sustainable growth and consumption by stimulating demand through personalized shopping

Balancing business growth and sustainability is not always simple – increasing home deliveries makes shoppers happy but leads to increased CO2 emissions. Consumer industries need to address this challenge head-on in partnership with their suppliers and customers. Personalising the shopper journey is one way to work with the customer to drive demand but also respond to the customer’s ethical preferences.

Fujitsu's Personalized Marketing Services in partnership with GK Software provide a relevant and sustainable purchasing experience using AI-based recommendation tools based on shopper usage and behaviors and purchasing data across key touch points (including e-commerce, store and mobile). Dynamic pricing optimizes pricing across products and stores in real time to drive demand and profitable growth. Together this allows retailers to increase sales and reduce environmental harm whilst boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

FUJITSU is a CERTIFIED GK Software Partner.

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GK AIR (Artificial Intelligence for Retail)

Built on world class AI platforms, this solution uses behavioural and usage analysis across multiple historic transactions to personalize the shopper experience, deliver customer-specific promotions and establish optimal dynamic pricing across product and store - together delivering business growth, customer satisfaction and loyalty, and sustainable choices for the customer​.
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