Sustainable Manufacturing

"Growth Beyond" - Connecting the Virtual and Real Worlds to Accelerate Change in the Era of Resilience

Today, companies are required to respond flexibly to changes in the business environment, taking uncertainty into account. By simulating scenarios that take uncertainty into account in the virtual world and quickly feeding them back into the real world, companies can make decisions with certainty and speed in terms of various risks and costs.
The integration of digital data will also enable the creation of new ecosystems, such as supply chain resilience and reduction of GHG emissions in society as a whole.

The new generation of manufacturers is driving towards

Taking social and environmental responsibility

Transition to net zero, climate change, industrial pollution, well-being, racial injustice, or inequality come to the fore of business action

Going circular to take advantage of new markets

Removing waste in the production process, reusing and recovering products and materials, regenerating natural resources and systems

Meeting changing consumer purchasing patterns

The current and future generations are demanding sustainable practices from companies they work from and buy from

Bringing manufacturing back home

Manufacturers are moving operations back to their country, as many consumers believe that locally made products are high in quality and support the country’s economy

Responding to changes in demand channel

A strong ecosystem can avoid supply chain issues caused by rising customer expectations of shorter lead times, expanded products and services, and tailored experiences

Reducing pricing and de-risking the business model

Sustainable manufacturing is becoming a cost-saving option. Sustainable approaches are becoming more financially viable and risk-resilient

With a 'human-centric' approach and advanced digital twins, a new paradigm shift in manufacturing is realized - achieving an 'Integrated Sustainable World'

Digital Engineering Chain

Two Engineers visualizing processes and data on monitors

Seamlessly connecting customers and markets to deliver needed products and services in a timely and efficient manner and to achieve sustainable design and development that minimizes lifecycle energy.

Featured offerings

Engineering Accelerator

Engineering Accelerator improves engineering agility by applying model-based, advanced simulation and data utilization to your design process quickly and flexibly.
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Innovation Catalyst

We will establish a development process to bring products to market at the right time in line with social changes.
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Digital Supply Chain

Businesswoman with tablet in a modern factory

We realize a system that speeds up decision-making across the supply chain with End-To-End supply chain planning adaptable to market changes and expanding manufacturing stakeholders, and quality management that focuses on high quality and environmental consideration.

Featured offerings

Holistic Chain Management

The manufacturing industry is required to make various efforts and improvements in order to respond quickly to social changes, diversifying markets, and customer needs, as well as to manufacture to the minimum necessary for a recycling-oriented economy. We create a loop of improvement by converting information from all business areas into data that can be combined, optimizing various plans, making improvements based on quantitative judgments, and spreading the effects of these improvements from one department to other departments and bases.
Factory supervisor monitoring product levels on interactive display
Eco Chain Management

Aiming to improve the labor environment and enhance the competitiveness of medium and small-sized enterprises using IT, we provide manufacturing solutions that enhance productivity and quality using SAP S/4HANA® Manufacturing for Production Engineering and Operations.
Future ecological city

Digital Factory

A bird's-eye view of the factory

We work with the end-to-end business value chain in a sustainable way across the entire operation, with a particular focus on the lack of skilled labor in the factory and the effective utilization of labor.

Featured offerings

OT Digitalization

We support productivity improvement and defect reduction by quantitatively understanding bottlenecks in factories and processes and early identification of root causes. We also ensure secure management of OT assets and data-driven decision-making through a secure digital factory cloud infrastructure.
Proactive Factory Management

We prevent factory issues by monitoring factories, lines, and equipment, predicting the future from past information, and resolving problems in advance with alarms and suggestions.

Digital Customer Chain

Image of a woman shopping at a supermarket

Collaborate with customers and markets to enable more insightful decision making and increase your competitiveness in the marketplace

ESG Strategy

Images of the Business Tower and Green Leaves

We provide services to visualize and analyze risks and issues, and support the development of strategies to launch sustainability businesses across industries. We aim to contribute to society by building sustainable business models while minimizing environmental impact and enhancing corporate competitiveness.

Featured offering

ESG Strategy - GHG visualization and reduction

By connecting and automating various isolated ESG processes, we contribute to sustainable business management.
Two engineers thinking about sustainable energy ideas

Circular Eco System

Bird's eye view of the mountain's solar power plant and forest

We support proactive measures for risks in complex supply chains and quick decision-making during occurrences, aiming to reduce business losses.

Featured offerings

Supply Chain Risk Management

Collect and provide information necessary for building resilient supply chains, realizing efficiency and sophistication in SCM operations.
Highway across the ocean
Resource circulation for industries

Aiming to activate the recycling market by collecting environmental data on products to comply with European battery regulations and providing a digital passport with information from manufacturing to recycling.
Image of an export container

Sustainable Manufacturing solutions

Build trusted processes

Fujitsu Track and Trust Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) builds a secure, trusted and connected ecosystem to manage your manufacturing data.
Man using electronic devices on a vineyard

Enhance quality control

Transform your quality control processes - analyze and influence production and become more data-driven using Fujitsu Computer Vision.
Woman welding electronic components

Optimize factory operations

Find optimal solutions to operational problems using Fujitsu Quantum-Inspired Optimization Services, based on Fujitsu Digital Annealer.
top view of a container ship docked

React at speed to customer demands

Discover how to be more agile, flexible and responsive to customer demands with Fujitsu and ServiceNow.
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Leverage strategic partnerships

Fujitsu and SAP combine deep production knowledge with agile business optimization to co-create smart manufacturing solutions.
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Digitalize your production

COLMINA - Fujitsu’s Manufacturing DX Solution, makes the most of your data, enhancing the flexibility, speed and efficiency of your production processes.
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