Key Technologies for Sustainability Transformation

Successful sustainability transformation depends on the right mix of technologies

Access to a balanced flow of digital innovation is essential to meet new societal demands

Technology is at the heart of Sustainability Transformation. A fact backed up by recent Fujitsu sponsored research in which nearly two thirds of business leaders asserted that sustainability transformation will not succeed without significant investment in technology.[1]

[1] FT Longitude Research sponsored by Fujitsu

Fujitsu Uvance’s Sustainability Transformation solutions are rooted in a discerning choice of five advanced technologies. Each is capable of delivering differentiated business results today – and into the future.


The emerging role of Generative AI in learning & development

Generative AI is transforming learning enabling organizations to deliver more personalized, that can cater to the unique needs of individual employees. Let’s look the emerging ways generative AI will transform learning.
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Quantum Simulator Challenge

Fujitsu launched the Fujitsu Quantum Simulator Challenge for industry and academia to promote innovation in quantum simulation. This article provides the overviews of each research that participated in this challenge.
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Leveraging the LLM: Strategy from Model Selection to Optimization
Insight for top management

It's up to the end users, such as value-driven companies, to maximize and embody the vast untapped potential and new value-creating capabilities of generative AI with LLM at its core.
Let’s discover how to get the most out of LLM from an enterprise user perspective.

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Fujitsu Kozuchi

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Key focus technologies for Sustainability Transformation and innovative disruption

By focusing on these five key technologies, we ensure consistency across the Fujitsu Uvance Sustainability Transformation solutions portfolio and provide the breadth necessary to succeed with diverse business challenges across industry verticals.

Fujitsu Computing Technologies

World class computing technologies to innovate and accelerate AI
Image of an abstract shiny microchip

Fujitsu Network Technologies

Secure AI-enabled networks that operate with speed and energy efficiency from the edge to the core.
Image of abstract fiber-optics

Fujitsu Artificial Intelligence Technologies

AI that amplifies secure, ethical, creative business decision making, in order to respond rapidly to a constantly changing environment.
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Fujitsu Data and Security Technologies

Leverage data from disparate sources to create new businesses, using technologies that ‘connect’ and ‘protect’ across the ecosystem.
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Fujitsu Converging Technologies

Federated Digital Twin technologies that can bring together companies and local governments to solve cross-sector social issues and achieve net positivity.
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Fujitsu is a trusted technology solutions partner. We remain by your side through every step of your business transformation journey.

  • We have ready-to-deploy solutions that leverage key technologies across our Fujitsu Uvance focus areas.
  • We partner with you to achieve specific outcomes based on your strategic needs. Harnessing the power of collaboration to deliver your unique sustainability transformation.
  • The Fujitsu Technology and Service Vision (FT&SV), sets the tone for our long-term R&D focus on these key technologies, aimed at achieving a sustainable future through digital innovation.

Fujitsu Key Technologies in action

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Fujitsu Technology and Service Vision

Integrate sustainability into your business to overcome systemic challenges and bring value to all your stakeholders. Drive a digital-led sustainability transformation with us.
Fujitsu Technology and Service Vision 2023 - Fujitsu's vision for a more sustainable world