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We believe that the key word for our time is Regeneration. We need to regenerate the global environment and ensure that everyone can enjoy a healthy and fulfilling life.

To drive regeneration, various stakeholders need to cooperate to ensure that economic activities generate net positive* value both for the environment and well-being, while achieving sustainable growth together.

What should business leaders do toward a sustainable future?

*Net positive: to have a positive rather than negative impact on environment and society.

AI’s rapid advance is determining the future of businesses

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The business environment is becoming increasingly uncertain. In addition to inflation and geopolitical tension, the Fujitsu survey* highlighted the rapid advance of AI, which is now expected to be the third most impactful external factor.

Indeed, 88% of organizations said they expect to increase their investment in AI in 2024, compared to 2023. Our survey also indicated that the use of AI will expand to areas requiring more complex judgement, from enhancing products and services through to supporting management decision-making within the next 3 years. Business leaders believe that innovation and productivity created by AI will contribute significantly to business and economic growth.

*Fujitsu commissioned Oxford Economics to conduct a survey of 800 CxOs from 15 countries in January 2024 (online and partially interviewed).

Challenges to balancing sustainability and business growth

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Sustainability challenges such as climate change and energy supply are having a significant impact on business. Environmental and social sustainability have become inseparable from corporate sustainability.

In our survey, over half of organizations engaged in sustainability transformation identified initiatives such as achieving more sustainable use of energy, decreasing waste and promoting recycling as important business opportunities. However, only a few organizations have started to generate revenue from these opportunities.

How can organizations transform themselves to establish sustainability as one of their key business pillars?

The transformation to regenerative enterprise is key

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We refer to organizations that use technology to create net positive value for the environment, economy and well-being as regenerative enterprises.

As concerns around environmental and well-being sustainability grow, organizations now need to regenerate the environment, economy and well-being by using AI-based technologies.

Our technology vision explains how future organizations can become regenerative enterprises. 

Take the first step to transformation with FT&SV 2024

Fujitsu Technology and Service Vision 2024

Download the PDF of executive summary with 18 pages and the full report with 64 pages.



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