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2024 Fujitsu SX Survey: Charting a course for change

Explore the 2024 Fujitsu SX Survey, which compiles results from a survey of 600 executives  across 15 countries. The report reveals that the key to balancing Sustainable Transformation (SX) with business growth lies in “data-driven collaboration” beyond organizational boundaries. Discover insights for accelerating your SX initiatives.
A view from the deck of a yacht sailing in calm waters

Why it’s crucial to build confidence in AI

AI is poised to transform our world – but we can only unlock its benefits if we build confidence in how it will be used. Catch up on valuable, expert insights to help build that confidence and accelerate your AI adoption.
Image of Artificial Intelligence

AI: The Digital Age's Gutenberg Printing Press

Graeme Beardsell, CEO Asia Pacific shares insights on how, like the Gutenberg printing press, AI represents a technological revolution with far-reaching implications.

Creating a borderless world: three technologies that can help eliminate society’s digital divides

Mahesh Krishnan, CTO of Oceania at Fujitsu, shares insights on creating a borderless world with technologies that can help eliminate society’s digital divides.
Mahesh Krishnan

Four ways to speed up sustainability

Digital and financial experts, academics, and NGO leaders share insights to accelerate your sustainability transformation. Based on a panel session at WEF 2024, discover why collaboration, data sharing, and the right digital tools are crucial enablers of sustainability.
Panel discussion at the 2024 World Economic Forum

How AI creates more sustainable customer journeys

Durga Kota, CTO of North America at Fujitsu, shares insights on how to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to build efficient and sustainable customer journey.
Durga Kota,Americas Region Chief Technology Officer,Fujitsu North America, Inc.

Fujitsu Joins COP28 to Share Its Vision for a Decarbonized Society

During the 28th Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28), Fujitsu participated in a panel discussion at the Japan Pavilion.

Fixing Gen AI trust issues: three focus areas to keep on your radar

John Walsh, CTO Europe at Fujitsu, shares insights on focus areas to keep on your radar while working with Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI).
John Walsh

Sustainability Transformation requires a united front

Unveiling Fujitsu's initial survey results from C-suite executives across 15 countries. Discover how sustainability is no longer a 'nice-to-have' but a 'must-have' for business growth.
Photographs of the Northern Lights and winter mountains

Ideas, hope and the importance of innovation: Fujitsu at Thinkers50

Innovation is central to Fujitsu’s purpose, and to solving the challenges that face our societies. Fujitsu is proud to support the Thinkers50 Innovation Award, presented in London. SVP Ichiro Aoyagi reflects on the event and the importance of innovation.
Ichiro Aoyagi

Optimizing the supply chain: one rice ball at a time

How can we optimize the entire supply chain in a world where physical objects are difficult to digitize?
Shunichi Ko(Head of Cross-Industry Solutions Business Unit , Fujitsu Global Business Solutions Business Group)

Being bolder: Why leaders must drive sustainability transformation to address the climate emergency

Fujitsu’s Ichiro Aoyagi recently spoke at the EU Tech for Climate Action Conference in Brussels. In this article he shares three key insights from the event on technology innovation, collaboration, and building confidence in change.
Ichiro Aoyagi

Convenience and well-being at all ages: A digital leap to a fulfilling life

Unlock business growth and personal well-being led Fujitsu SVP Naoko Otsuka in our expert report. Learn how you can harness digital innovation for a richer experience and societal happiness.
Bird's eye view of a floating market in Thailand

Fujitsu CTO on Open Source

Fujitsu is committed to fostering a sustainable world through innovation and trust-building. The company believes that open-source technologies are instrumental to this vision.We recently had the opportunity to speak with Vivek Mahajan, the Executive Officer and Senior Executive Vice President Chief Technology Officer at Fujitsu, about an exciting new open-source project.
Image of Vivek Mahajan, CTO at Fujitsu

Happier employees can have a positive impact on your value chain

Caro Moore, Head of Digital Workplace Portfolio APAC and Dr. Anthony Wang, Head of Healthy Living Portfolio APAC at Fujitsu, shares insights on how happier employees can have a positive impact on your value chain.
Caro Moore and Anthony Wang

Business strategies for a connected world : Prospering in the digital society

Explore the vision for a digital society prioritizing people, sustainability, and resilience. Check our expert report by Fujitsu SVP Shunichi Ko on business strategies for a prosperous future.

Balancing business goals with the environment: A planet full of opportunities

Unlock business growth with environmental sustainability in our expert report by Fujitsu SVP Ichiro Aoyagi. Featuring insights and actionable strategies for a sustainable future.
Machu Picchu Image

A financially sustainable approach to carbon neutrality

Johan Carstens,Head of Smart Factory at Fujitsu,shares insights on how to find a financially sustainable approach to carbon neutrality.
Johan Carstens

Our three guiding principles to unlocking sustainability success

Valérie Oosterhoff, Partner Development Director at Fujitsu, speaks about three guiding principles to unlock sustainability success and the importance of embracing collaboration for successful Sustainability Transformation.

The Head of Fujitsu Research Talks about the Future of Generative AI

Seishi Okamoto, Executive Vice President of Fujitsu, who leads Fujitsu Research, told us about some of the ways in which companies are working with generative AI.
Seishi Okamoto

Fujitsu Uvance: Where technology meets sustainability

Fujitsu’s Yoshinami Takahashi explains how tech is helping customers to achieve sustainable growth.
Yoshinami Takahashi