Trusted Society

Innovative solutions towards a prosperous, safe and sustainable society.

Fujitsu Uvance Trusted Society is shaping an environment-first, resilient society in which people can live in peace and prosperity.
To achieve a flourishing, safe and sustainable society, we are implementing innovative trustworthy technologies to solve societal challenges, alongside with countries, governments, citizens and business partners.

Trusted Society
Solving societal challenges in four key areas:

Public Services, Safety & Security

Connected frontline workers with trusted innovative technology to protect citizens, increasing public trust, resilience, accessibility and equality through online government services and public services.

 A Man and a child playing at the playground on a sunny day

Creating safe and secure communities

Our partnerships with public organizations helps to create safe and secure communities. Ensuring citizens can have peace of mind, accessibility, participation and resilience across all public services.

Fujitsu recognized in the hype cycle for public safety and law enforcement

A group of police officers standing with their arms crossed

Leveraging technology such as the Gartner designated ‘Field streaming video’, Fujitsu augments officers and commanders with real-time automated video analysis to identify threats and risks. Fujitsu is acknowledged as a Sample Vendor in the July 2023 Gartner® Hype Cycle™ for Public Safety and Law Enforcement report.

Sustainable Transportation

Providing sustainable, resilient and safe transportation for all citizens to realize a carbon-neutral society.

 A man in a business suit watching his mobile phone at the bus station

Moving towards carbon neutrality

We are helping societies everywhere to progress with efficiency, safety and comfort, while moving to carbon neutrality and optimizing resources.

Sustainable Energy & Environment

Enabling an efficient energy supply and resilience of utility lifeline to protect the environment and grasp a low-carbon lifestyle society.

 Overhead view of a green landscape with a wind energy mill

Enabling low-carbon lifestyles

We are working with organizations around the world to create reliable and modernized energy supplies, safeguarding the environment and enabling low-carbon lifestyles.

Government DX

Enabling government organizations everywhere to streamline their processes, optimize their workforce and make the best use of their data to support better policy making and build resilience.

 Ten people at the office in a queue talking with each other

Modernizing citizen services

We are working with governments around the world to modernize citizen services and respond to disasters and disruptions, from earthquakes to pandemics, financial crashes to geopolitical clashes.

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