Sustainable City

By solving the challenges faced by cities and creating new values, we aim to realize cities where people can make the most of their time and choices.

By collaborating and automating services across companies and municipalities, we aim to enhance the attractiveness of cities and strive for sustainable urban development from economic, environmental, and social perspectives.

In recent years, aging societies are progressing in many regions around the world, so that there is an increasing demand for more livable cities that can flexibly respond to diverse needs. Furthermore, it is necessary to promote sustainable and efficient compact cities for the need of improving resource and energy utilization, and enhancing the vitality of cities through the congregation of diverse individuals.

Fujitsu's Sustainable City forms a new ecosystem that connects cities and people by bundling fragmented urban services. We integrate and automate various city services, including event information, reservation and arrangement, as well as the planning and reservation management of multimodal transportation to destinations, with the aid of AI. This can make the far physical distance feel shorter, which is a challenge in promoting compact cities, and minimizes the effort required for information collection and management due to service fragmentation. In doing so, we aim to maximize the value of both residence and visiting, striving to create an alluring city where residents desire to continue living and visitors are enticed to return.

Our approach to the solutions

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Sustainable Mobility

We will support an efficient transportation system and address challenges such as making transportation barrier-free, reducing traffic congestion, and reducing environmental impact.
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Connected Venue Service

We aim to create smart venues by providing multi-functional features that connect operators and users, in response to the need for diversified revenue streams, active sales strategies, and diversified uses of multi-functional complex facilities.
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