Resilient Infrastructure

Achieving smart, resilient, and environmentally friendly societal infrastructure by optimizing energy supply and living environments

Simplifying and enhancing the inspection, diagnosis, and maintenance of infrastructure to sustain society.

Our country urgently needs inspections of roads, bridges, and water systems as they're all aging rapidly. Also, with natural disasters happening more often and becoming more severe, we need to understand the risks and take precautions.

Fujitsu's Resilient Infrastructure uses cutting-edge technology to streamline and enhance operations, reducing time and costs for maintaining aging infrastructure. It optimizes facility investments, contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions through energy management, and validates disaster response plans. Additionally, proactive measures minimize damage during disasters, supporting asset preservation.

Our approach to the solutions

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Infrastructure Smart Maintenance

We contribute to the realization of sustainable social infrastructure by providing services that make maintenance operations more labor-saving and sophisticated, utilizing AI deterioration diagnosis and 3D digital space simulation.
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Excellence in Citizen Experience

Digital rehearsal technology combining public and SNS information enables validation of business continuity plans and disaster response.
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