Trusted Society

Innovative solutions towards a prosperous, safe and sustainable society.

Fujitsu Uvance Trusted Society is shaping an environment-first, resilient society in which people can live in peace and prosperity.
To achieve a flourishing, safe and sustainable society, we are implementing innovative trustworthy technologies to solve societal challenges, alongside with countries, governments, citizens and business partners.

Trusted Society
Solving societal challenges in two key areas:

Essential Worker

Essential workers like police officers, firefighters, and paramedics are crucial for the safe and well-being of our society.
Their work keeps our daily lives running smoothly and when an emergency situation happens they can safe our lives.
That is why Fujitsu is developing the latest technology and innovation to improve their efficiency and security, ensuring they can work seamlessly towards a more safe and resilient community.
In parallel, we are working with cities to become more prosperous and sustainable through collaboration and automation.

Featured offering

Connected Front-line Worker

Eliminate labor shortage of essential workers by automating reception, predicting danger from CCTV, cooperating with control centers, and automatically dispatching emergency vehicles
Two police men

Sustainable City

Providing various efficient and convenient services to enhance the attractiveness of the city, and supporting the creation of new experiential values.
A woman taking pictures of plants at a flower market

Social Infrastructure

Social infrastructure is the backbone of cities, essential for their growth and sustainability.
Fujitsu is supporting logistics across land, sea, and air, enhancing infrastructure efficiency to create more flexible and sustainable cities.
Through our technology and innovation, we seek harmony between economy, environment, and society, paving the way to a better future.

Featured offering

Unified Logistics

Connecting information on the movement of goods by land, sea, and air to increase efficiency, flexibility, and make business sustainable
Aerial view of a truck on a highway


Solving the challenges of EV introduction and operation. Also promoting battery recycling for social sustainability and disaster resilience.
A hand that plugs a charger into the charging socket of an electric car

Resilient Infrastructure

Smart energy supply and living environment to create resilient and environmentally friendly social infrastructure
A mother and a daughter looking at the city from the mountain

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Bridging the gap between public services and modern expectations

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Trust: the ultimate success factor for public leaders

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Trusted society will bring peace and prosperity

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Two people walking down stairs with a bicycle.

Electric vehicles go beyond the extra mile

Fujitsu teamed up with World Business Council for Sustainable Development, Arcadis, and National Grid for a cross-sector digital collaboration to reduce CO₂ emissions from electric vehicles charging by 15%. Find out more in this article.
A close-up of an electric white car being charged.

Trust through blockchain technology

In an efficient society, critical infrastructures need to be secure, transparent and undisputable. Through blockchain technology this can be reached, creating a trusted society, so we established a global partnership with Hexagon to create the first joint blockchain project to ensure secure audit trails. Find out more in this article.
A picture of a city with an evening sky showing several cross roads and bridges.

Competency, character and trust: the foundation for a digital government

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 A picture of a road with vehicles in movement, surrounded by buildings.

Fujitsu awarded by Frost & Sullivan in Digital Twin

Fujitsu earned Frost & Sullivan's 2022 Asia-Pacific Enabling Technology Leadership Award in the Digital Twin technology for sustainable mobility industry.
A picture with several roads and vehicles in movement, surrounded by buildings and trees.

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