Connected Front-line Worker

Eliminating the labor shortage of essential workers, such as police, firefighters

Automated reception, early warning based on hazard prediction, and automated dispatch of emergency vehicles

Employees who support the safety and security of society on the frontlines, such as police, fire, and emergency services, need to have an organization in place to respond quickly in case of emergencies. On the other hand, we are currently facing a severe labor shortage, forcing may departments to find new ways to fill the gap.

Fujitsu's world-leading image analysis and action recognition technology automatically detects signs of crime through surveillance cameras around the city and wearable camera images worn by police officers, helping to identify criminals and solve cases as soon as possible.
In addition, limited resources can be effectively utilized by automating processes utilizing conversational AI, biometrics, RPA, etc.
Fujitsu offers the best combination of solutions for your field challenges.

Our approach to the solutions

Our related offerings

Body Worn Camera

A wearable camera worn by field worker. Enables robust video recording and accurate recording of evidence, regardless of network evidence.
Black camera on a brown wooden desk
Video Behaviour Analytics

With Fujitsu's world's most accurate video analysis and behavior recognition technology, we can detect human movements and help identify criminals and solve cases.
A man and woman in a control room examining security camera footage
Virtual Assistance

What end users see through their mobile cameras can be shared with the call center, allowing them to accurately understand the situation and reduce unnecessary dispatch.
Aerial view of a line of cars
Unified Emergency Dispatch

Automatically dispatch an emergency vehicle by judging the road condition around a reporting point, the position of a vehicle and the skill of a field worker.
Citizen Self Service

Secure biometric user authentication to provide automated public access to services and automate receptionist tasks.
Woman Unlocks Door With Fingerprint