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AI as a trusted assistant

The advent of generative AI has dramatically advanced AI technology in two aspects. The first is that it has become possible to efficiently interact with AI using natural language and unstructured data spoken by humans. This has made it possible for anyone to benefit from AI and increase productivity. The second is that the emergence of generative AI, which connects existing ideas from a vast amount of data, has become able to complement human creativity.

Fujitsu calls these "AI to increase human productivity" and "AI to augment human creativity" and believes that by implementing them correctly, "AI will become our assistant" and will expand human productivity and creativity. A assistant is a human partner at times, a teacher at others, and an assistant at others, supporting humans in the appropriate form.

To enhance productivity and creativity within an organization, everyone needs to be able to collaborate with AI buddies in the business systems they use every day. The AI assistant required within the organization is an expert in specific tasks, and in addition to interpreting language information, it uses multimodal information such as images, videos, graphs, music, and expert knowledge to make proposals to humans and support human decision-making.

Fujitsu provides a “specialized assistant” that responds to specific business requirements so that customers can quickly find solutions based on clear evidence for the challenges they face. The specialized AI assistant expands the productivity and creativity of the customer‘s business and supports business sustainability transformation and problem solving.

Fujitsu AI Technologies for Sustainability Transformation


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Fujitsu Kozuchi

This is a cloud-based AI platform that enhances the productivity World's most advanced AI solutions, ready to use immediately

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Why Fujitsu’s AI

Fujitsu’s unique generative AI and combination of AI and computational technologies to accelerate customer AI adoption

Major areas of AI application

  • Image processing: object recognition, object detection, person recognition, vehicle recognition, similar image retrieval, behavior analysis, super-resolution, facial expression recognition, image abnormality detection, congestion detection, handwriting character recognition
  • Speech and sound processing: speech clarification, speaker identification, speech display order optimization, environmental sound recognition
  • Natural language processing: document translation, semantic search, chatbots, FAQ search, abstract, candidate selection, sentence classification, unique name extraction, location estimation
  • Numeric processing and others: predictive analysis, data abnormality detection, anomaly detection, failure prediction detection, time series data analysis, matching, and recommendations
  • Generative AI: generating or modifying text, images, or other media based on prompts. Summarizing and translating text, brainstorming, Q&A and knowledge management, coding, and bug discovery.

Other Technologies

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