Consulting by Fujitsu Uvance

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The future is the path yet unexplored

Chart a course across the unknown with Fujitsu’s consultancy, Uvance Wayfinders.

Taking a broad view of society through the lenses of business and technology, we’ve set our sights on finding undiscovered ways forward.

Our approach to confronting challenges is methodical and measured, connecting diverse values to create new possibilities in business and society.

Advancing a brighter future for generations to come.

Fujitsu's Consulting

Fujitsu's consulting brand, 'Uvance Wayfinders', is committed to pinpointing challenges and tackling them from the viewpoint of society and our customers. We focus on turning concepts into reality and delivering tangible results. By assimilating the wealth of industry insights and technologies we've cultivated over the years, we work alongside our customers to build a knowledge ecosystem that benefits society as a whole. As a trusted partner, we're dedicated to helping shape a brighter future.

Two key strengths of Uvance Wayfinders

Cross-industry approach leveraging years of expertise

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Global R&D commitment driving technological power for value delivery

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In an era where industry boundaries are becoming increasingly blurred and the structure of industries is continuously evolving, we are committed to enhancing our consulting practices with a focus on addressing challenges, without being confined by industry norms. We have defined our strategic focus on 13 key practices. By synergistically combining these practices, we deliver optimal solutions and facilitate the execution of transformative strategies.

Business consulting

With a broad perspective that encompasses society, we identify the challenges that need to be addressed and drive tangible business transformations.

Sustainability & verticals (SV)

Providing comprehensive support for ESG-related issues, from strategy formulation to execution, based on deep industry knowledge and understanding of customers.

Customer experience (CX)

Facilitating the design and development of systems and services to elevate customer experiences.

Management excellence (MX)

Improving management decision-making through the use of digital technologies.

Employee experience (EX)

Supporting the development and implementation of strategies to achieve sophisticated human capital management.

Operational excellence (OX)

Formulating and executing strategies for operational efficiency through cost and operation reforms.

Technology excellence (TX)

Drawing a roadmap and grand design for information systems aligned to management strategies, balancing the incorporation of latest technologies and optimization of IT investments.

Technology consulting

Leveraging data and technology, we combine practical application of our offerings to enhance our customers' business agility.


Supporting transformation into a flexible organization that can adapt to market changes, focusing on mindset, organizational structure, business process transformation, and IT architecture evolution from an Agile perspective.

IT value transformation

Supporting the planning, execution, and evaluation of programs to transform IT functions and services into roles that contribute value to business units through use of digital technology.


Proposing application-based solutions to management issues and strategies, and accompanying the process until the creation of business impact.

Hybrid infrastructure

Understanding management and IT strategies and providing comprehensive support for cloud strategy formulation and governance structuring.

Data & AI

Providing comprehensive support from strategy formulation for problem solving and value creation through data utilization to the introduction of supporting technologies and solutions.


Proposing and supporting the implementation of measures to improve security levels based on expert knowledge on information security.

Key focus technologies

Supporting the formulation and execution of technology strategies on how to utilize key technologies such as converging technology and hypercomputing for solving social and customer issues.

Customer stories

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Pfizer CentreOne

Pfizer CentreOne’s achieved around 60% sales operation efficiency increases through process innovation and automation, and eliminated manual business processes and improved the accuracy of data capture.

Government of Canada

A large-scale 10-year transformation program - Benefits Delivery Modernization - enables Canada to become more agile in policy implementation and improve its citizens’ experience when accessing these services.
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Australian Mining Company

Morning performance management meetings at this leading mining operator are vital for tracking progress against targets and planning operations. Fujitsu Data & AI helped the company to optimise and digitise the data platform and process to deliver significant improvements.
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Township of Barsbüttel

Energy efficiency in public buildings is a top priority for the township of Barsbüttel. To take one step closer to this goal, Fujitsu has captured and evaluated a wide range of room data in real time.
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Enhancing our consulting business

Fujitsu is unwavering in its dedication to fostering a positive impact on society, driving business growth with the quality and scale of our consulting endeavors. To maintain the high standard of our consultants, we have implemented a certification program, and have been steadily certifying consultants since January 2024.

Towards strengthening consulting capabilities

We aim to establish a team of 10,000 Uvance Wayfinders certified consultants by the fiscal year 2025, through a certification system and talent expansion.

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1. Certification program

Under our certification program, only employees who successfully clear a specific assessment are accredited as Uvance Wayfinders consultants. Certified individuals are granted benefits that align with their professional responsibilities and are furnished with Uvance Wayfinders-branded business cards and presentation materials to aid in their consulting endeavors.

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2. Talent expansion

We are rolling out bespoke educational programs and on-the-job training to foster the career transition of employees aspiring to become consultants. Concurrently, we are actively broadening our talent pool by seeking experienced professionals from consulting firms, as well as individuals with specialized knowledge in specific industries or technologies.