Healthy Living

Enriching life experiences with digital healthcare solutions

Fujitsu Healthy Living aims to create a world that enriches life experiences and continues to expand people’s potential.

Using innovative and trusted Fujitsu infrastructure to link consumers and health plan members with medical providers, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and governments, our goal is to create a human-centric society.

Our vision for the future is for personalized and digitally augmented health and wellbeing ecosystems that lower cost and improve access, quality, and experience of care.

Improve healthcare outcomes with Fujitsu Healthy Living

Whether you need AI to uncover data trends, quantum-inspired computing to shorten drug discovery periods, new IT architecture for a better patient experience, or innovative technology to optimize operating room scheduling, we have the services and solutions to overcome your challenges and unleash your full potential.

We have the proven expertise to help you achieve your transformation goals – from keeping up with increasing demand and building robust, connected systems to overcoming cost concerns and creating a more sustainable future.

Enabling businesses to deliver better-connected healthcare ecosystems

The future of healthcare is for more efficient and targeted patient care with connected ecosystems for data sharing and digital healthcare solutions that enable preventative strategies.
Fujitsu’s digital health technology helps you to make the shift from treatment to prevention.

Our range of healthcare solutions empower you to overcome the challenges you face. From increased pressure on services due to changes in lifestyle and social determinants of health, rising demands from better-informed patients wanting faster access to higher quality treatment with self-service options, to aging populations driving up costs and increasing demand on services. Work with us to deliver better care for everyone.

Enabling AI drug discovery that shortens research time and improves collaboration

Within the field of drug discovery, the need for disruptive technology that speeds up the accuracy of drug development, reduces the cost of failed trials, improves data security, increases peer collaboration, and ensures the success of ecosystem-based business models is clear.

Fujitsu’s quantum-inspired computing applies AI-enabled technology to deliver faster, more targeted, and more effective drug discovery. It’s revolutionizing the process by cutting research periods down from years to months or even weeks. The communication tools enable better collaboration and information transfer between research peers.

Work with us and become an industry innovator. Together we can reshape the industry and tackle some of the world’s most intractable illnesses

Supporting healthcare providers to deliver better patient services

Whether you are looking to deliver faster access to higher-quality treatments that include self-service options, optimize resources to reduce delays and improve patient satisfaction, or overcome skills shortages that impact your ability to deliver better patient services, Fujitsu has the digital health solutions you need to improve patient care.

Work with us to maximize your potential, and achieve your digital transformation targets with healthcare technology that delivers personalized and digitally augmented health and wellbeing ecosystems that improve the access, cost, quality, and experience of care.