Accelerating sustainability transformation:
Modern applications for pace, intelligence and innovation

To achieve sustainable success and value, you need to continuously enhance your operations and services, fast.

Modern applications from Fujitsu enable you to achieve the pace and productivity, intelligent operations and high-speed innovation needed for accelerating this transformation.

With modern business applications from Fujitsu, you can accelerate sustainability transformation by enabling:

Pace and productivity
through seamless workflow applications

Enhance operational pace, employee productivity and consumer experiences by maximizing innovative workflow applications from ServiceNow, optimized by Fujitsu. Work with us to digitize, streamline, automate and simplify the critical processes that underpin your IT and business service – through our consulting, deployment, integration and management services.

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Maximizing what is possible with Fujitsu and ServiceNow

To gain the operational pace and employee productivity needed for today’s shifting demands, organizational processes need to be digitally enhanced. Discover how to transform the processes that underpin your IT operations and customer & employee experiences, with Fujitsu and ServiceNow.

Intelligent operations
through smart core applications

Augment performance and drive growth by maximizing intelligent enterprise applications at the core of your organization. Work with Fujitsu to optimize line of business operations through next-generation ERP, optimize value chains through leading-edge SCM, improve employee experiences through modern HCM and drive customer loyalty through innovative CRM. We create your intelligent enterprise with you, through seamless deployment, integration and management of leading application technologies from SAP, Microsoft, Salesforce and more.

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The paths to your future ERP – an insight paper by IDC and Fujitsu

Explore this IDC Fujitsu-sponsored white paper and discover how leading organizations across the globe are enabling their intelligent enterprise of the future, by overcoming key challenges in transforming their business-critical ERP applications.

Speed-to-market and faster value
through rapid application development

Accelerate speed-to-market, competitive advantage and social value, by building powerful applications and digital services faster. Work with Fujitsu to enhance services through continuous transformation and development, using cloud-native and low-code technologies. As global experts, we enable you to adopt the modern architectures, agile approaches and skilled resources needed to drive high-velocity transformation and development across many platforms.

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Build services faster

In today’s volatile and unpredictable business landscape, change is the only constant. Speed-to-market for applications and digital services is emerging as a top priority but accelerating development is complex. Read more to find out what to focus on and where to start for success.