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Secure AI-enabled networks that operate with speed and energy efficiency from the edge to the core

Meeting sustainability transformation agendas with 5G network solutions

Fujitsu is focused on providing sustainable 5G network solutions that are more energy efficient, ensure better performance, and deliver higher network quality.

Leveraging AI and the quantum-inspired Digital Annealer to optimize computing resources, Fujitsu has successfully developed a new 5G vRAN technology to deliver high performance and reduce energy consumption. This reduces overall system CO2 emissions by 50% or more compared to conventional vRAN technology.

Fujitsu Network Technologies for Sustainability Transformation


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Network Technologies in action with Fujitsu

Building sustainable networks with Fujitsu

Fujitsu is uniquely positioned to partner with you to build sustainable networks of the future.

  • We have deep expertise and a long history in building network infrastructure optimized for the difficult operating environments of telecommunication carriers.
  • We are one of only a handful of vendors capable of deploying the network hardware products, plus related software such as vRANs.
  • We develop network solutions using open standards such as Open RAN, ensuring better interoperability without vendor lock-in.
  • We have a unique ability to combine not just communication technologies, but also innovative technologies such as AI and quantum-inspired computing to optimize network performance for more efficiency, lower costs, and better performance.

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