Explaining risks and countermeasures for business use 'Fujitsu Generative AI Guidelines' opened to the public

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Article | 2024-1-18

Fujitsu has provided an internal environment where generative AI based on ChatGPT can be securely used in actual business operations within the company for all employees. In order to widely deploy generative AI within the company, we have created 'Fujitsu Generative AI Guidelines' for our employees to ensure the safe and secure use of this technology.

These guidelines explain the general risks and countermeasures associated with generative AI particularly from ethical and legal perspectives. These are practical points with the opinions of technology users, including our technical and business departments.

For the appropriate use of generative AI throughout society, we have decided to make these guidelines widely available to the public as well as within our company.


'Fujitsu Generative AI Guidelines' opened to the public

Cover page of' Fujitsu Generative AI Guidelines
Cover page of' Fujitsu Generative AI Guidelines

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