Business strategies for a connected world Prospering in the digital society


Digital transformation is not just a trend; it's a cornerstone for any business planning for the future.

Shunichi Ko, who is leading initiatives in Fujitsu's Cross-Industry Business Unit, sees digital transformation as more than a pathway to success — it's a means to elevate our lives. But what does a digital society, with people at its core, mean for our businesses?

Digitization is reshaping the way companies approach problems and strategies. Amidst widespread uncertainty, Ko promotes a vision where digital solutions are geared towards human needs, tackling issues from sustainable supply chains to ethical AI.

This expert report, “Sustainability Transformation for prosperity - What is a digital society, and why do we need it?" delves into the intersection of sustainability and digital growth. It outlines the journey towards innovative business models within an equitable digital landscape, offering guidance for a better tomorrow.

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Here’s a glimpse of how technology and data can drive sustainability and forge a society that puts people first:

Building sustainable digital supply chains

  • Digital technologies can play a major role in building responsible supply chains that serve the needs of businesses alongside the environment.
  • By keeping people, information and assets connected through periods of disruption, we can maintain critical flows of supplies, even with a reduced workforce.

Strengthening resilience to environmental disasters

  • Digital technology (such as AI and "digital twin" technology) can also be a lifeline for businesses preparing for natural disasters, such as hurricanes, floods and wildfires.
  • As the climate crisis escalates, the ability to forecast the timing, scale and impact of natural disasters accurately will become increasingly important to societal wellbeing.

Creating safer, happier work environments

  • As well as enabling more people to benefit from flexible working arrangements, many companies have since reported increased productivity alongside an uplift in mental health among staff.
  • The evolving role of AI and robotics is also driving a transformative shift in the workplace.

Venturing further into the report, we delve into transformative digital trends in the coming decade and actionable roadmaps.

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