Convenience and well-being at all ages A digital leap to a fulfilling life

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For centuries, people all over the world have searched unsuccessfully for the fountain of youth. Fortunately, the focused has shifted in recent years to getting the most out of life at any age.

Naoko Otsuka, the leader of Social Solutions Business Unit at Fujitsu, firmly believe that today’s extended lifespans can be rich and rewarding—with no fountain required. She is at the helm of transforming our everyday experiences with digital innovations with the ultimate goal of increasing societal happiness.

Imagine a workplace revolutionized by digital tech, healthcare personalized and adjusted for you, and retail experiences that dazzle with every digital touchpoint. Otsuka brings these scenarios to life, showing how they can solve today's business puzzles while also unlocking markets of tomorrow.

Explore our expert report “Sustainability Transformation for people" to discover how to integrate well-being into the core of your business strategy, fuel innovation, and maintain growth. It's an invitation to action—download the complete narrative via the link below.

Here’s a glimpse at how digital innovation is reshaping well-being:

Delivering high-quality healthcare

  • The role of healthcare is changing, as healthcare professionals recognize the importance of mental health in the broader sense of general well-being.
  • The best outcomes arise when medical services are tailored to patients’ individual needs, and new technologies are the key to achieving this.

Enhancing community safety

  • Improving society’s resistance and resilience to external shocks is more than just a matter of convenience.
  • Public safety is directly linked to health and well-being. Individuals are unlikely to put down roots and contribute to a society in which they feel unsafe.

Providing frictionless services

  • Whether shopping for essentials or luxuries, there are many ways in which the customer journey can be improved to make life easier in small but measurable ways.
  • Brands that create a unique retail experience with personalized touchpoints ultimately generate better customer outcomes.

Venturing further into the report, we delve into necessary perspectives for advancing digitalization and actionable roadmaps.

For an in-depth look at this comprehensive plan, access the complete report. 

Sustainability Transformation for people

What is holistic well-being and how will it enrich our society?

Image of white paper
Image of white paper

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