Integrated Report 2023

Sky, Sea and Lighthouse

Message from the CEO

Takahito Tokita Representative Director, CEO

Takahito Tokita Representative Director CEO

We will realize business portfolio transformation and growth through the provision of solutions that contribute to “solving global environmental issues,” “developing a digital society,” and “improving people’s well-being.”


Images of people, nature, and the digital world

Being a technology company that realizes net positive through digital services

We have shared this vision throughout the Group, with the goal of achieving Our Purpose by having a positive impact on society overall through technology and innovation. In addition to creating financial value, we will also work together with our stakeholders to provide positive value to society, addressing the Planet as we work to resolve global environmental problems, Prosperity by developing a digital society, and People by improving their well-being.

Solving societal issues

Solving global environmental issues

Creating a future where people and nature can thrive.

Developing a digital society

Harnessing digital technology for a more resilient society.
 a young woman admiring the view from the Golden Mount Temple of Wat Saket towards the modern Bangkok skyline

Improving people's well-being

Enhancing quality of life and opportunities across society.

Management strategy

The Fujitsu Group has positioned the three years from fiscal 2023 as a time to build a model for growth and improved profitability, with the aim of realizing its 2030 vision and creating sustainable value thereafter through backcasting. We will promote the four key strategies under our 2023–2025 Medium-Term Management Plan and concentrate resources on growth areas centered on Fujitsu Uvance. As a result, we will help to resolve the management and social challenges our customers face, and also enhance our own corporate value.

Medium-Term Management Plan

The objective of the Fujitsu Group’s new Medium-Term Management Plan (new medium-term plan), starting in fiscal 2023, is to establish a business model for sustainable growth and improved profitability that will position us to achieve our vision for 2030 and beyond.
Mountains and Highlands

Interview with the COO

We asked the COO about the key points of the regional strategy, which aims to transform the business foundation in Regions (International), and the assumptions underlying the growth scenario for Fujitsu Uvance, all in line with reaching the goals set in the medium-term plan.
Hidenori Furuta Representative Director, COO

Business strategy

We are promoting four strategies under the 2023–2025 Medium-Term Management Plan (medium-term plan): a business model and portfolio strategy centered on Fujitsu Uvance, a customer success/regional strategy to enhance customer engagement globally, a technology strategy to strengthen our competitive advantage in core technologies including AI, and a people strategy that will help improve productivity. By linking these four key strategies, we aim to build a model that helps us meet our financial and non-financial indicators, as well as achieve sustainable growth and higher profitability in the medium to long term.

Business model and portfolio strategy:
Fujitsu Uvance

Yoshinami Takahashi
Corporate Executive Officer
Yoshinami Takahashi Corporate Executive Officer, SEVP, Head of Global Business Solutions, in charge of Fujitsu Uvance

Business model and portfolio strategy:

Megumi Shimazu
Corporate Executive Officer
Megumi Shimazu Corporate Executive Officer, SEVP, Head of Global Technology Solutions, in charge of Modernization

Technology strategy:
Five Key Technologies

Vivek Mahajan
Corporate Executive Officer
Vivek Mahajan Corporate Executive Officer, SEVP, CTO, CPO, Co-Head of System Platform, *Technology *Portfolio

Customer success/regional strategy:
Customer success

Shunsuke Onishi
Corporate Executive Officer
Shunsuke Onishi Corporate Executive Officer, SEVP, CRO, Head of Global Customer Success, *Revenue

Customer success/regional strategy:
Regions ( Japan)

Hiroyuki Tsutsumi
Corporate Executive Officer
Hiroyuki Tsutsumi Corporate Executive Officer, SEVP, CEO, Japan Region

Reinforcing management capital

We are working to maintain and strengthen our management capital by building a workforce portfolio that drives business promotion and delivers value to customers, the acceleration of digital transformation (DX) to achieve data-driven decision-making and productivity improvement, and the practice of sustainability management that can serve as a reference for customers. We will utilize our management capital as a source of energy for the transformation to realize Our Purpose and strive for sustainable value creation.

Human resource management

By increasing the self-starting job mobility of employees who take career ownership, we will create a workforce portfolio that dovetails with our business strategies and helps enhance corporate value.
Hiroki Hiramatsu Corporate Executive Officer, EVP, CHRO, *Human Resource


We will promote Groupwide transformation while building a corps of people willing to break the status quo to realize DX that will directly boost corporate value.
Yuzuru Fukuda Corporate Executive Officer, EVP, CDXO, CIO, *Digital Transformation *Information

Sustainability management

We will encourage all employees to take ownership of sustainability and accelerate the sustainability transformation of the Fujitsu Group and its customers.
Yumiko Kajiwara Corporate Executive Officer, EVP, CSuO, *Sustainability

Corporate governance

Atsushi Abe Director (External), Managing Partner, Advanced Solutions, Inc.

Interview with the Chairman of the Board of Directors

We asked Atsushi Abe, Chairman of Fujitsu’s Board of Directors, and Chairperson of Fujitsu’s Executive Nomination Committee, about discussion points at the Board of Directors meetings with regard to the formulation of the 2023–2025 Medium-Term Management Plan (new medium-term plan) and the activities of the Executive Nomination Committee in fiscal 2022.

Value Creation Model

We in the Fujitsu Group are committed to providing value to society driven by Our Purpose, starting with social trends.

Overview of the value creation model
Overview of the value creation model

Fujitsu Integrated Report 2023

Fujitsu Integrated Report 2023 PDF cover
Fujitsu Integrated Report 2023 PDF cover

Download by section

001 About Fujitsu
003 Our Purpose
004 The Fujitsu Way
005 Value creation model
006 Materiality
008 Vision
009 Business portfolio
010 Message from the CEO

017 Trajectory of change
018 2020–2022 Medium-Term Management Plan:
Review of financial indicators
019 2020–2022 Medium-Term Management Plan:
Review of non-financial indicators
020 2023–2025 Medium-Term Management Plan:
Overview of the plan
021 2023–2025 Medium-Term Management Plan:
Financial and non-financial indicators
022 2023–2025 Medium-Term Management Plan:
Key strategies
024 Interview with the COO
026 Message from the CFO
029 Revision of segments
030 Approach to Materiality

034 Business model and portfolio strategy:Fujitsu Uvance
037 Business model and portfolio strategy: Delivery
039 Technology strategy: Five Key Technologies
041 Technology strategy: Intellectual property management
042 Customer success/regional strategy: Customer success
044 Customer success/regional strategy: Regions ( Japan)
046 Customer success/regional strategy: Regions (International)
047 System quality and information security

049 Message from the CHRO (Chief Human Resource Officer)
051 Overall human resource strategy
052 The human resource management trajectory
053 Major human resource management initiatives and progress
054 Employee opinions
055 Message from the CDXO (Chief Digital Transformation Officer), CIO (Chief Information Officer)
056 Fujitsu Group’s DX
057 Message from the CSuO (Chief Sustainability Officer)
058 Overview of our sustainability management
059 Overview of GRB progress
062 Human Rights
063 Supply Chain
064 Compliance
065 The Environment
067 TCFD-based information disclosure
071 Collaboration with stakeholders

073 Interview with the Chairman of the Board of Directors
075 Management
078 Status of corporate governance
089 Risk management
091 Economic security initiatives
092 Information security

094 Performance highlights
097 Highlights by segment
099 Technology Solutions highlights by international region

101 Agreement with international norms, participation in international organizations, and external evaluations
102 Editorial policy / Disclosure system
103 Company overview / Shareholder data

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※From fiscal 2015, the Fujitsu Limited Annual Report and CSR Report have been combined and published as the “Fujitsu Group Integrated Report.”

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