Improving people's well-being

As we enter the era of a super-aging society in which lifespans exceeding 100 years are not uncommon, it is becoming increasingly important to deliver healthcare that offers enduring peace-of-mind, and a seamless customer experience. At the same time, well-being no longer refers exclusively to physical health, but also mental health and a fulfilling lifestyle. 
That is why it is essential to provide personalized services that meet diverse values and needs by connecting decentralized data from sources such as medical information, purchase history, and lifelogs. 
Through Fujitsu Uvance, we are focused on increasing the value of the customer experience and promoting healthcare that improves quality of life (QoL). Together with our customers, we aim to create a society where everyone can live life on their own terms. 


Creating great places to live and work

For every organization, there is no purpose without people. Protecting, nurturing and empowering them is key for a sustainable and prosperous future. Digital innovation is a key enabler for creating great places to work and live.

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Seven key focus areas
achieving a sustainable world

To accelerate Sustainability Transformation with our customers, ​we combine the power of industry and technology innovation from ​across seven key focus areas. These seven areas make up Fujitsu Uvance to address cross-industry challenges: