Advanced Operations Management for Aviation

Achieve sustainable aviation infrastructure services

Optimizing human resources, enhancing customer experience, and contributing to GHG reduction

The post-pandemic demand recovery has caused severe labor shortages. It's time for the aviation industry to push further digital adaptation and automation to meet the rapid changes ahead with limited resources, rather than adding manpower, and shift to an operational structure that adapts to the new era.
In addition, in order to achieve Net Zero by 2050, the aviation industry is also required significant GHG reductions from equipment, vehicles, and aircraft.

Advanced Operations Management for Aviation improves the efficiency of airport operations through the integrated management of airport operations, and improves the safety and security of passengers and employees by dealing with suspicious factors and hazards at the airport as soon as possible. In addition, it supports greener operations to reduce GHG emissions and utilize renewable energy in airports..

Leveraging technologies such as world-class action recognition technology, Ambient Authentication, which also provides top-level object tracking technology, and Fujitsu CaaS/Digital Anneraler, which is designed to solve complex combinatorial optimization problems, we provide the offerings that helps solve societal challenges.

Our approach to the solutions

Our related offerings

Ground Operation Optimization

Operational excellence can be achieved by integrated data management and simulation of locations and conditions of workers, vehicles, and equipment.
Ground crew working at the airport
Airfreight Load Planning

Automate air cargo loading plans that have multiple constraints (Weight, Volume, Balance, Dangerous Goods, etc.) and take an enormous amount of time to create for each flight.
Airport cargo
Security Enhancement

By utilizing action recognition and object tracking technology from existing surveillance camera footages, we support the detection of suspicious persons and dangerous behaviors.
Monitoring room with video wall
Fleet Management Optimization

Leverage last mile optimization engines to help maximize vehicle utilization for EV shift and logistics/mobility.
A truck that runs over a bridge
Fleet CO2 Reduction

Maximize the use of renewable energy in commercial EV charging for logistics/mobility companies by creating charging plans that utilize the most of green power.
EV car and charger