2024 Fujitsu SX Survey Charting a course for change

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In the face of climate change, growing inequality and economic uncertainty, Sustainability Transformation (SX) is a bigger talking point in business circles than it’s ever been. In light of this, from November to December 2023 we surveyed 600 C-level executives across 15 countries and 11 industries to chart the sustainability progress being made by organizations across the globe.
The urgency of Sustainability Transformation is front of mind for executives all around the world. While more organizations are taking action, a disappointingly large number are yet to see the results they want.
Our 2024 Fujitsu SX Survey reveals that a pioneering group of organizations (11% of the total respondent base) is using data-centric collaboration to deliver net positive outcomes while also creating new value for their businesses.
This report shows how other organizations can follow in their footsteps.

Key findings

1. A mixed picture on sustainability: high urgency, but slow progress

The majority (70%) of executives say SX is a top priority, but only 26% of organizations report tangible results from their sustainability strategies.

26 %

Executives who say they are achieving outcomes from sustainability strategies

2. Finding a way to new value: introducing the sustainability Change Makers

Our research reveals an advanced group of organizations who are more than four times (81%) as likely as their peers to deliver tangible benefits from their sustainability strategies. Central to their success is a mature approach to defining value.

81 %

Change Makers who say they are achieving outcomes from sustainability strategies

3. Charting a course to data-driven collaboration: the heart of the Change Makers’ approach

Change Makers take a mature approach to data

44% - nearly half - of Change Makers say they use interconnected data, combined with advanced technology, to simulate and predict future scenarios, supporting efficient decision-making processes, compared with just 12% of other organizations.

44 %

Change Makers who say they are achieving the highest level of data maturity

Change Makers collaborate with other organizations on SX

One-quarter of Change Makers participate in highly collaborative ecosystems, enabling them to share resources and data, and to create shared value around sustainability. Only 6% of other organizations have achieved this.


Change Makers who say they participate in highly collaborative ecosystems

2024 Fujitsu SX Survey

Charting a course for change

Sustainability Transformation in Japan
Sustainability Transformation in Japan