Yuzuru Fukuda
Corporate Executive Officer
Message from the CDXO, CIO

Yuzuru Fukuda Corporate Executive Officer, EVP, CDXO, CIO, *Digital Transformation *Information

We will promote Groupwide transformation while building a corps of people willing to break the status quo to realize DX that will directly boost corporate value.

Challenging an unchanging corporate culture

The period of the 2020–2022 medium-term plan was a trial-and-error phase for the Fujitsu Group. Out of numerous discussions led by President Tokita, we elicited Our Purpose and Vision, which are our reason for existence, our so-called “Why,” along with our “What,” which took the form of growth through digital services centered on Fujitsu Uvance . In April 2023, I took on the role of CDXO from President Tokita. My mission is to thoroughly implement and actualize the “Why” and the “What” during the 2023–2025 Medium-Term Management Plan (new medium-term plan) and to contribute to growth and the creation of corporate value.

The most important task for progressing on implementation and accomplishment is ensuring that a transformative mindset is promoted throughout the Company. To put it in stronger terms, employees who just watch from the sidelines and do not get involved in the reform of their own organization cannot be DX partners for our customers. This challenge to the unchanging stance and corporate culture has been led by our Groupwide DX project, Fujitsu Transformation, known as “Fujitra.”

Fujitra tackles issues across divisions

At the core of Fujitra is a team around 60 DX officers, who are united by a mission and aspiration to make Fujitsu better. DX officers participate from all of the main divisions and regions of the Group, and the team therefore has an inherently strong ability to take on cross-divisional initiatives. This is because transformation requires the breaking down of organizational barriers.

Fujitsu Uvance is a case in point. To provide cross-industry digital services, offerings and delivery formats naturally have to go beyond the existing concepts. But that is not all. It is also essential to consider product development processes and revenue models that are suitable for co-creation with customers, as well as the conditions of contracts with customers. We also need to revise various operational systems related to rules for recording sales and expenses. To change to an optimal arrangement across divisions requires an approach that addresses multiple aspects, such as the budgeting system, personnel systems, and internal communications. Fujitra works with a view to optimizing the entire Group by addressing these issues between organizations.

Supporting employees who take on challenges

The transformative mindset is steadily spreading. Around 80% of the entire Group’s employees, or 100,000 people, actively use our internal social media and this is evidenced by their communication across organizations, ranks, and roles, as well as countries. There are now examples of the Company’s own active DX initiatives linking directly to its initiatives as a DX partner of customers. We will support employees who are working to break the status quo and speed up our transformation.